Development collaboration with CERN led to a high-tech order for CTS Ceramics Denmark

In 2020 CTS Ceramics Denmark delivered 5 custom-made actuators to CERN, while 15 more are expected to be delivered for a total contract value of more than half a million DKK

Custom-made piezoelectric actuators are one of CTS Ceramics Denmark's competencies. The company, previously called Noliac, entered into a partnership with CERN in 2014 to develop actuators that can withstand high temperatures. CERN wanted to test crystal collimation as part of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) upgrade, using piezoelectric actuators.

Crystal collimation can be used to remove particles that deviate from the particle beam, thereby preventing stray particles from damaging the LHC's sensitive equipment. The use of crystals means that the cleaning becomes more efficient and the process is facilitated. The first crystal collimator was installed on a trial basis in 2015 and in October 2018, crystal collimators including CTS Ceramics Denmark's actuators, were then used for the first time to clean the beam on the LHC.

First deliveries in 2020

The results were so good that in December 2019, CERN decided to use crystal collimators as part of the LHC upgrade. Subsequently, in 2020 CTS Ceramics Denmark delivered 5 custom-made actuators, while 15 more are expected to be delivered for a total contract value of more than half a million DKK.

- Collaboration with Big Science organizations like CERN is a long-term investment. It is also technically demanding, so you musn’t be afraid to challenge your products and capabilities. The positive thing is that researchers understand that we sometimes have to move in unknown territory and therefore need more experiments and adjustments before we reach the goal, says Charles Mangeot, Senior R&D Engineer, CTS Ceramics Denmark.

Cedric Goueffon, Sales Manager, European Operations, CTS Ceramics adds:

- As a leading high-tech supplier, it is important for CTS to collaborate with leading research organizations such as CERN. We are happy for the cooperation, which also benefits our other products. facilitates market access for Danish companies

CTS Ceramics Denmark / Noliac has been a member of the supplier network since 2011.

In 2011, the company participated in Denmark @ CERN, a recurring trip for Danish companies to CERN, arranged by This is where the first contacts were made with purchasing managers and technicians at CERN. CTS Ceramics subsequently expanded its contacts to international Big Science customers by exhibiting at the joint stand at the International Particle Accelerator Conference, IPAC.

The European Big Science industry and the European Big Science facilities meet for an exhibition and conference at the Big Science Business Forum 2022, 4th to 7th October in Granada., in collaboration with Dansk Industri and Eksportstøttefonden, has a Danish supplier exhibition, which aims to bring home new orders.

The purpose of is to help Danish companies find opportunities for contracts and collaborations with the Big Science facilities and is supported by the Danish Agency for Education and Research. is run jointly by the Danish Technological Institute and Technical University of Denmark.

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