About works to promote Danish skills and know-how on the Big Science market. We coordinate a network composed of highly qualified companies able to deliver products and services matching the needs of Big Science organisations and their prime contractors. 

We also help Big Science organisations and European companies find relevant Danish suppliers for Big Science bids.

A unique entry point into the Danish Big science industry

The Danish Big Science network is composed of companies offering high quality services and products matching the needs of Big Science organisations. Their skills and knowhow cover a large range of sectors. 

Members of the network are both SMEs and larger companies interested in doing business on the Big Science market, either as suppliers to Big Science facilities or as sub-suppliers to prime contractors.

At, we help Big Science organisations and European companies find Danish suppliers for Big Science bids. Feel free to contact us to hear more about your opportunities with Danish companies.

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Four Reasons why Danish companies make good Big Science project partners

1. Trustworthy and efficient business partners. Danish companies are well known worldwide for their dependability and professional approach. On-time delivery, customer satisfaction, and high service standards are integral within the Danish business culture.

2. Experience from demanding sectors. Denmark has a large network of highly skilled subcontractors specialising in the development and production of advanced technological products to demanding sectors such as the offshore, wind power, defense, medico and aerospace industries.

3. The Danish Big Science Network. Denmark has a growing network of companies with outstanding solid experience as providers to the Big Science market, and offering products, services and knowledge covering many different areas that are relevant for Big Science facilities.

4. Denmark: an innovation leader. Denmark has traditionally, year-after-year, achieved top-10 rankings among leading countries in surveys rating industry and science innovation, IT-advancement, best education systems, and more.

Be inspired to find a Danish Big Science business partner through these unique company cases.

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