Vink Plast supplies specialised plastic components to CERN

Less than a year after entering the Big Science market, Vink Plast has delivered a very specific order to CERN and has received new orders and requests.

Vink Plast, a supplier of plastics solutions to industry, is able to work with basically all plastic processes, from 3D printing to cutting and machining. Therefore, the company has the unique opportunity to be a one-stop-shop for big science facilities.

In early 2018, Vink Plast won an order from CERN to supply neutron shielding materials for one of CERN’s accelerators. The material included a combination of plastics and aluminium parts, and therefore Vink Plast – who specialises only in plastics - found a sub supplier to provide the metal parts and created the full shielding solution to CERN. 

Vink Plast delivered the shielding materials in August 2018. For the company, the order has been very interesting, not least because Vink Plast has used a special type of plastic to create the shielding solution. 

In June 2018, Vink Plast joined the two-day DK@CERN visit, along with representatives from other Danish companies. The visit has already led to new, concrete orders for Vink Plast, as the company got to present its full portfolio of competences during the trip.

- The visit gave us an impression of CERN as an organisation and research facility, which we would not be able to imagine without having been there. In addition, we met a lot of valuable contacts, which we are working with today, says Jan Busk, Business Development Manager at Vink Plast.   

Vink Plast is already well into the process of building a close cooperation with CERN, but the company also sees opportunities at other big science facilities, such as ESS who will need services connected to building up the facility, while CERN primarily needs services related to maintenance.

- Many expect the market entry period at big science organisations to be longer than it actually is. Without, it would have taken us a long time to get into the market, but now we are already in full swing, says Jan Busk.

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