Coromatic: The design and construction of the ESS data centre

Coromatic won the contract to design and build the server rooms in Copenhagen and Lund for the European Spallation Source (ESS) after two separate tenders. Coromatic took on the full responsibility of the server room constructions with all the necessary infrastructure installed.

Coromatic designs, builds, and services technical infrastructures such as data centers, hospitals, and airports aiming at optimizing energy consumption, expanding the technical infra structure and not least to ensuring the emergency power supply. The company would like to take on the role of system integrator in different technologies - and exactly those competencies and experiences were deciding factors when Coromatic won the order to design and construct the data centre for ESS.

The ESS Data Management and Software Centre (DMSC) is located in Copenhagen with an additional server room located at ESS in Lund. DMSC will provide the scientific data processing for ESS.

The proposal of Coromatic gave a more energy efficient and reliable solution for DMSC which at the same time was scalable and contributed to the redundancy safety. Those were the deciding factors that helped Coromatic win the contract with ESS.

Good and demanding dialogue with ESS

Right from the beginning of becoming an ESS supplier, Coromatic discovered how ESS on one hand asked relevant questions but on the other hand also were very open in listening to good arguments with a solid professional substance.

As an ESS supplier, Coromatic learned that they should have complete knowledge of what was being offered and that details had to be considered up front. The fact that ESS was very  demanding regarding the forwarded material of cause implied that Coromatic had to go into many details, but it also implied that potential misunderstanding could be avoided and that Coromatic were much better prepared for the work they performed.

The documents Coromatic received from ESS were eloquent and detailed leaving time in the process to ask questions from the supplier side. Deadlines for answering  questions were strictly complied with by ESS.

The joy of a good collaboration

Employees at ESS were excellent at knowledge sharing which provided great satisfaction for Coromatic when working for the facility. The pride of being part of an assignment for an advanced organization like ESS is significant. As explained by Søren Schønnemann, CEO at Coromatic in Denmark:

“It was a well-executed project, we understood each other and Coromatic delivered a good result – and earned on it as well. It is fantastic to work with an organization like ESS, which emphasizes quality”.

Coromatic can easily imagine bidding on other projects in the Big Science market, as long the tasks involved fit their competencies.

“The collaboration with ESS was a good opportunity to show what the company is capable of” - Marketing Manager Mette Kristensen says.

Arne Jensen, Project Manager at and the Danish Industrial Liaison Officer for ESS, adds: “The Big Science market is huge and fits nicely to the competencies of Coromatic  – and the company now has a really important reference, which could be advantageous”.

Coromatic is therefore looking forward to future projects in the Big Science market.

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