High quality standards make HST A/S CERN’s preferred parts supplier

Since 2011, HST (Horsens Spån Teknik) has been delivering new orders to CERN every month. HST is an attractive provider for Big Science projects because of the company’s keen focus on fast delivery. The company also focuses on strict Quality Control procedures, using modern QC equipment and following ISO standards.

HST provide solid competencies with ISO certification
The long-lasting bond with CERN began after CERN representatives viewed the HST manufacturing facilities in 2012, during a visit organised by the HST had recently completed a comprehensive modernisation process that included installation of a completely new machine park. Furthermore, the company had recently completed their implementation of the new ISO-certified process and management routines, in accordance with their strategies and goals as defined a year before.

- There can be no doubt that the combination of solid competencies and our ISO certification helped make us an attractive and qualified supplier for a Big Science giant like CERN, says David Nielsen, Director of HST.

David Nielsen had been the driving force behind both the long and demanding process of gaining ISO certification, as well as the investments that lifted the machinery manufacturing center to the forefront of modern standards it enjoys today.

- CERN representatives were impressed, and order frequency from CERN has been high ever since. On an average, we are receiving one to two orders every month, says David Nielsen.

Close relationships and high focus on customer needs
HST has specialised in refining its business models and workflows towards the ability to deliver complex customised components in small-batch deliveries.  With every request, HST has shown its ability to produce and deliver special order components within a very short timeframe. And this is exactly what CERN needs.

HST is also focused on close relationships and keen understanding of the customer’s business and needs. HST staff members have visited CERN facilities, on the border between France and Switzerland, to observe exactly how the HST components are used, ask questions, and see where they can improve their services.

HST is reaching out to other organisations and projects within the Big Science market.  HST’s flexible business model, short order-to-delivery times, and high standards for Quality Control are a perfect combination for Big Science endeavors.

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