EMS company provides advanced solution for CERN’s data collection and distribution handling

The Danish company BB Electronics was contracted by CERN to provide a communications module that could collect and distribute research data.

CERN’s particle accelerator produces vast amounts of data during its experiments. CERN needed to ensure that all of their output could be captured and distributed in a robust and reliable manner to the 10,000’s of researchers in universities around the world who use their results.

CERN’s experiments are carried out at extremely high speeds, and this places very special demands on the electronic systems that must record and communicate the complete range of results. Therefore, CERN sought a specialist provider of advanced electronics solutions that could be tailored to their exacting needs. CERN was introduced to BB Electronics when arranged a visit for Danish companies at CERN facilities. At this event, BB Electronics used the opportunity to present their competencies in relation to upcoming tenders, and CERN’s experts saw a perfect match.

Close to the limits of “technically possible”

Engineers from BB Electronics concluded immediately that achieving a long-lasting solution would require all of their combined skills within electronics design, choice of components, quality control and manufacturing. 

A solution requiring expertise and cutting-edge equipment

Working with these special requirements, BB Electronics soon delivered excellent prototypes that met CERN’s high performance demands. This led to the first order in 2012, and many new orders have followed since then.

- We are very proud that CERN selected BB Electronics for such a demanding PCB design project. It underscores our position as a leading EMS supplier of high technology manufacturing, says Vilhelm Laursen, Sales Director at BB Electronics.

CERN’s choice of BB Electronics was well-researched. BB Electronics is an award winning company, honored for its prototyping capabilities. The company’s success and high standards are made possible by its team of highly experienced experts working with cutting edge equipment in modern machine parks facilities.

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