East Metal supplies steel components to ESS

East Metal has been selected as a subcontractor for the construction of the European research facility ESS in Lund.

East Metal can add a prominent customer in the list of references: the European Spallation Source (ESS). The construction of the research facility, which will have the most powerful linear proton accelerator ever built, has the price of 1.84 billion Euro.

Proton acceleration takes place in a tunnel of more than 500 meters. The accelerated particle flow is led into a Target station, which is the heart of the ESS, and where the production of neutrons takes place. The concrete foundation and surrounding concrete structures for the Target station and its monolith have a few transitions. Such transitions must be supplemented with additional steel shielding material to provide the necessary radiation protection.

The first delivery from East Metal to ESS involves completion of a steel shield structure, which will be embedded in the concrete foundation of the ESS monolith surrounding and shielding the ECHIR installation (ESS Chip Irradiation).

The steel structure has a weight of approximately 75 tons of a total order of 150 tons.

In a subsequent delivery, East Metal will manufacture and deliver a steel shield material to be embedded in the concrete wall over the input of the proton beam in the ESS monolith.

- We are honored to be selected as a subcontractor to part of the Target building at a plant of this magnitude. It is a great recognition to be a contributor to one of the world's leading research facilities that can make a significant difference in international research. We hope it will help to emphasize East Metal's capabilities and give us more opportunities in this particular market, says Bent Juul Larsen, CEO of the East Metal Group.

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