5000 measurement transformers from TransElectro keep CERN’s particle accelerators up and running

TransElectro worked closely with CERN experts to provide a robust measurement transformer solution that monitors and protects the magnets in the LHS accelerators.

Operation of CERN’s Large Hadron Collider (LHS) relies on its large superconducting magnets. These magnets create the powerful magnetic field which is essential for the experiments carried out at CERN. Maintaining the magnets in an operational state requires very specific conditions in terms of temperatures and the accuracy of their power supply. However, during a superconducting-magnet’s lifetime and operation there is always a risk that the magnets might return to their resistive state – so-called “quenches.”

Therefore, the Large Hadron Collider LHC must be equipped with an advanced and reliable Quench Protection System (QPS). The QPS’ role is to detect quenches and to initiate the appropriate response to protect the magnets.

TransElectro customizes transformers to meet CERN requirements

Through initiatives from the Danish Big Science Secretariat, the Danish company TransElectro was contracted to design measurement transformers as a part of the LHS Quench Protection System.

- The measurement transformers play a key role in keeping the accelerator running, says CERN Civil Engineer Knud Dahlerup-Petersen, who leads the section for Electrical Engineering in CERN’s Department for Machine Protection and Electrical Integrity.

- If the process in the accelerator is to function, while protecting the rest of the electronics in the project, we need to be very careful about the heat in our magnets. The measurement transformers and the heating elements keep the magnets at the right temperature, concludes Knud Dahlerup-Petersen.

All stages of development in close collaboration with CERN experts

TransElectro worked very closely with CERN’s experts to adapt their measurement transformer technologies according to CERN’s strict requirements.

- During 3 months, two TransElectro engineers worked full time with CERN to design a specific CERN solution that could take the hard strain from radiation that is created inside the accelerator, says Per Christiansen Sales Manager at TransElectro.

The transformers developed and produced by TransElectro ensure that CERN’s superconductive magnets in the accelerator LHC maintain a constant temperature, hereby protecting them from quenches which could melt them and ruin the accelerator process.

- Our teams have acquired new skills and advanced expertise through this project, says Per Christiansen Sales Manager at TransElectro.

- TransElectro has become one of the few European companies that are able to produce high-precision measurement transformers. We might even be the only manufacturer for this particular type of transformer, so we hope that this new product will open doors to new contracts.

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